Filament Black Type

*Surface conductive type *Core conductive type *quadrangular exposed type
Suitable for gaining specifically low resistivity.
KC-792 has resistivity range of 105-6.
Low resistant and thermo-durable type
Carbon impregnated in core part of fiber.
No fall of carbon and presents high tenacity.
quadrangular exposed type will offer the well balanced property of low resistivity and high tenacity.
KC-782R B20T4 KC-792R B22T4 KC-300 G28T2 KC-220 W28T2 KC-400 C22T2 KC-500R B22T4 KC-582R B22T4

Filament White type

KC-220 KC-971U
Tri-layered type using carbon presents white color. Supplied as POY used for carpet application.

3 types of Staple

Polyester Black(KC-585S)
Nylon Black(KC-575S)
Nylon White(KC-375S)
Conductive layer with metal oxide

Low resitivity and thermo durable type

Low resitivity and thermo durable type

- Outstanding low resitivity(105-106Ω/cm).
- Not exposing carbon on surface, no fall of of carbon layer.
- Outstanding thermo durability.
- Outstanding Chemical resistance.
- Low Young modurus with durability against bending.

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