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Chemicals & Chemical Products Belts

The page features industrial belts using polyvinyl alcohol resin application, as well as those manufactured by combining and laminating with other materials. The principal uses are for material transport on motor vehicle production lines and at steelmakers. However, applications are spreading into distribution and food-related operations.

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Leading products

This belt product consists of various compositions of distinctive core and cover materials, adapting to a wide range of applications from food manufacturing to steelmaking, carmaking, distribution, etc.
Customized resin belt manufactured chiefly from polyvinyl alcohol resin (PVA).
Mesh belts
Sanitary meshed belt made of polyester.
Fluoride Resin Product
With fabric (fluoride resin impregnated glass cloth) as a core, the fluoride resin product is made by processing light transport belt, adhesive tapes, etc.

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