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Industrial Belts


Industrial belts using polyvinyl alcohol resin application, as well as those manufactured by combining and laminating with other materials, are being planned, manufactured and marketed in this operation. This operation has existed since the foundation of the Company and is the only operation with an independent plant (located in Okayama). The major applications consist of material transport in motor vehicle manufacturing lines, as well as at steelmakers. The Company proposes distribution improvement utilizing the distinctive characteristics of resin belts that are not found in conventional rubber belts. It is able to cater to a wide range of service needs, including production of original products or small-lot production, taking advantage of its strength combining functions with its affiliated manufacturer.

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Leading applications

Conveyor belts at steelmaking plants

Resin belts are being used instead of rubber for situations requiring oil resistance and strength.

Conveyor belts at automaking plants

It is being used as press line belt for luxury cars, with the introduction of friction resistance in order to prevent foreign matter entry.

Conveyor belts at scrapping plants

The product is being used as scrap processing conveyor, due to its outstanding resistance against cutting, made possible through combination with Kuraray super fibers.

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