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The page features Vinylon, Kuraray's synthetic fiber that became Japan's first of its kind, KURALON K-II known for its water solubility and strength, VECTRAN distinguished for its strength, low water absorption and friction resistance features and other fabrics of outstanding added value.

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Leading products

Vinylon - Use in FRC
The product contributes to enhancing strength and shock resistance of products by mixing with mortar, concrete, etc.
Vinylon - Rubber reinforcement, ropes & fishnet uses
Manufactured from Poval resin, the synthetic fiber was commercialized for the first time in the world by Kuraray.
KURALON K-II is a new type of polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) fiber manufactured for the first time in the world by Kuraray with the wet cooled-gel spinning process.
Paper/Nonwoven Fabric Uses - Vinylon, Polyester
Kuraray Trading proposes the use of Vinylon, polyester and other synthetic fibers as raw material for special-function paper and customized paper.
The product is used as a reinforcement for cable and cord, as well as for ropes, fishnets and cover material.
This is a sheet that decomposes ammonia odor promoted by our company to meet such needs in livestock barns and pens

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