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画像 In the acrylic products business, we offer methacrylic resin, which is known as the “Queen of Plastics,” for its high transparency and weather resistance compared to other plastics.

For the product lineup, PARAPET (a methacrylic resin molding material) is used to manufacture vehicle parts and miscellaneous goods, etc. as well as light guides for LCD backlight units. In recent years, the demand for PARAPET has been growing significantly. We also sell raw materials for PARAPET (e.g. MMA monomer and methacrylic acid monomer).

PARAGLAS sheets are used for the front panels of aquariums. COMOGLAS extruded sheets are derived from proprietary continuous production technologies. Various functions are added to these products to enable them to be used for signboards, displays, vending machines, and construction materials, among others.

NOBLE LITE is another type of methacrylic resin sheet. This synthetic marble is characterized by luxury, transparency, and depth.

Efforts have been made to further expand the business by taking full advantage of optical design and precision machining technologies refined by the opto-screen and laser disc businesses, etc.

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Leading applications

Vehicle parts (tail light covers, instrument cluster covers), optical parts, light electrical appliances, miscellaneous goods, etc.

The products are used in various settings due to their excellent transparency, weather resistance, surface gloss, and scratch resistance.


Signs, information signs, displays, lighting, industrial parts, construction materials, etc.

The thermoplastic product with outstanding process ability can be cut, bored and molded, as well as adhesion-processed, for a wide range of applications.


Artificial marble

It is being used on kitchen countertops, commercial facility counters, etc., due to the lower pricing and ease in processing compared to natural marble.

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