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画像Vinylon was commercialized by Kuraray as the first synthetic fiber manufactured with domestic technology and is one of its top proprietary products winning recognition around the world. Working one step ahead of the demand of the times, the Company has been cultivating applications for this material. Characterized by outstanding strength, low rate of elongation, alkaline resistance, hydrophilicity, weather resistance, etc., it is being used in a wide range of industrial material applications, such as mortar/concrete reinforcement material for asbestos-free slate and reinforced concrete and as alkaline battery separator.
In addition, the Company is expanding business operation into Vietnam, China, Indonesia, Pakistan and other Asian nations with this and other materials such as KURALON K-II, used in non-twisting towels and chemical laces for its outstanding water solubility and strength and VECTRAN, a high-strength polyarylate fiber that is being used increasingly for ropes requiring high-strength, low water absorption and outstanding friction resistance and for communication cable tension members such as optical fiber and earphones.
At the same time, the Company markets environment-friendly products under the Eco-Talk brand. Through various partnerships with other countries based on its network of applications with distinctive materials, the Company plans to offer processing suited to each application and the user, enhancing added value and cultivating new markets.

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Leading applications

Concrete reinforcement materials

Vinylon (PVA) is being used as reinforcement material for concrete, due to its strength, low elongation rate, hydrophilicity, weather resistance and alkaline resistance.


Supplementary material in fiber processing

It is being used in hollow-core spun yarn, non-twisting towels, chemical lace base fabric and special fabrics. It is able to control dissolving temperature from normal to high temperatures, it can be used for a wide range of product grades and applications.


Agricultural materials

The Company offers functional materials for agricultural applications aimed at creating environments to foster crop growth, such as lightweight, easy-to-handle fabrics with outstanding heat insulation properties to be used as interior or exterior insulation for hothouses and other applications, insect screens that block entry of miniature pests and multilayer sheets effective for soil temperature control.

light-blocking nets, heat-insulating nets, insect screens, soil temperature control mats, bottom watering mats, etc.

Environmental improvement

To improve poor residential and work environments, various materials are developed and used in diverse products, including those capable of absorbing ammonia odor in livestock and poultry coops, those capable of reflecting heat to reduce livestock barn and coop temperature and reduce energy consumption, and those capable of absorbing solvent odor in manufacturing plants. These products help reduce the load on workers and to improve the surrounding environment.

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