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The page features products in 3 areas, chemicals related to solvents and industrial alcohol, elastomers such as thermoplastic elastomers and customized liquid rubber and the heat-resistant polyamide resin GENESTAR.

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Leading products

ISOBAM is used by reacting with alkaline compound which is the difference with the other water solubility polymers.
Liquid Synthetic Rubber
Liquid synthetic rubber can be cross-linked with rubber in molding.
SEPTON is high-performance thermoplastic elastomer which Kuraray have invented by their own technologies.
HYBRAR is a thermoplastic elastomer which have developed by the technology based on SEPTON.
Shell Fitter
Which have casted the patient's radiation exposure part will lock the patient's body during treatment.
Kuraray's unique heat-resistant polyamide developed from raw monomer material.

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