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Kuraray Trading covers the full range of apparel and textile business, from the production of polyester filament which is used in apparel-related applications to textiles and finished goods. Starting with fashion items, its business covers a wide range of apparel including sports equipment, inner wear and uniforms. In order to respond to market needs, the Company mobilizes its extensive processing expertise and network covering both Japan and other countries, in order to deliver products that are highly sophisticated, fashionable and functional on a timely basis. It plans to engage in delivering total solutions in the apparel-related business.

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Leading applications

Sports equipment

Kuraray Trading offers apparel manufacturers goods ranging from raw materials and finished products, in a wide range of manufacturing and marketing stages. Its market expands around the world. In the future, the Company plans to expand in particular to Asian markets, with China in focus. Kuraray Trading's yarns and textiles are being used also for school physical education uniforms. Because such uniforms are used throughout the year for exercise, they require characteristics such as resistance to friction and fuzzing. Kuraray products distinguish themselves for technological capabilities that can satisfy such demanding requirements.


The Company offers textiles and finished products used as corporate and service uniforms for businesses in Japan.
The market for service and working clothes has grown in vitality in Japan in recent years. Because corporate uniforms are used everyday, they require resistance to wear, comfort, moisture permeability and other functions. We offer products of outstanding quality that cater to demand for uniforms from textile to finished goods by using high performance fiber represented by polyester long fiber developed by Kuraray, and SOPHISTA, an ethylene vinyl alcohol fiber distinguished for softness to the skin.


Products of high added value are being offered for formal and other women's wear. A nubuck-type fabric offering outstanding color representation and quality look, is a material that distinguishes itself clearly from past nubuck material and is well received not only in Japan but also in Europe and other countries. The Company is pursuing further product development and cultivation of applications for products of outstanding value using EXCEVAL, island-sea structure polyester composition fiber.


Kuraray's polyester continuous filament yarn that began production in 1969, achieved growth alongside expansion of Japan's synthetic fiber market in the 1970s. In the 80s, however, the Company took the pioneering step of pursuing independent material development to prepare for competition in the global market. Beginning with SOPHISTA, ethylene vinyl alcohol fiber distinguished for softness to the skin unparalleled for synthetic fibers, the Company has been promoting sales of innovative products, such as the water-soluble long fiber yarn MINTVAL in recent years. The water solubility of MINTVAL has become essential in the production of non-twisting yarn towels, stretch materials and fine denier wool fabrics and is being marketed in Japan as well as in other countries chiefly in Asia.

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