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画像 Radiation shields & protection devices, as well as lead acrylic sheets manufactured at Kuraray's Niigata Plant, are being manufactured and marketed. They are being used in various fields including medical, physical and chemical sciences and nuclear science and technology. In particular, Kuraray products are being used to prevent radiation exposure to medical workers and to secure safety and stability in work operation, in view of the essential need of x-ray and gamma ray diagnosis and treatment in modern medical. Furthermore, "radiation shield" is a medical device that is being manufactured and marketed with license as "manufacturing and marketing business" under the Pharmaceutical Affairs Act.

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Leading applications

Medical applications

The product is being used widely at medical institutions nationwide for radiation-related workers, nurses, visitors, etc., in order to reduce radiation exposure to whole or parts of the body.

Lead acrylic radiation shield / Lead acrylic radiation protection device

Physical & chemical science applications

The products are being used for x-ray analytic devices at physical and chemical laboratories. The use of lead acrylic sheets is growing for shield use, due to their outstanding transparency and strength. Products


Nuclear applications

Use as front face shield for the glove box is high, winning outstanding recognition as radiation insulation material. Products

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