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The page features products that are used in many aspects of everyday living, including interior decor materials, textile materials, motor vehicle interior materials and non-woven fabrics.

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Leading products

Outstanding breathability and moisture free. Disposable and sanitary.
Dust mask
Mask customized for odor prevention, utilizing the powerful active carbon sheet from Kuraray Chemical.
2-layer-type sanitation mask
Dust mask
High-performance mask that has passed DS2 national qualifications. It can be used for work controlled under laws and regulations
Stretch Mask
Controls dust intake with electrostatic filter.
Free Mask
Punch type mask using stretch material.
Wipers (made of nonwoven product)
Clean type with controlled dust generation made possible with adequate fiber intertwining.
Wiping cloth made of Kuraray's proprietary splittable filament WRAMP, used in clean rooms.
Wiping cloth
Uses WRAMP, a flattened microfiber.
ASTRINO is a fiber material brand for sports footwear, marketed by Kuraray Trading.
Duster Net
Meshed, liquid draining bag used for collecting kitchen garbage
Mesh inner gloves
Inner gloves are made of 100% polyester long fiber woven into a mesh.

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