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Resins and Chemical Products


In this business segment, Kuraray Trading makes a sale against resins and chemical products of Kuraray's isoprene and methacrylic product businesses.Resin & Chemicals division manages three main business those are chemical product business such as solvents, industrial alcohols, elastomer business such as thermoplastic elastomers, liquid synthetic rubber and Genestar business such as heat-resistant polyamide resin.
Additionally, the Company is actively engaged in the chemical products business with sales not only of Kuraray products but also glycol ether solvents and methanol formalin, etc., in order to meet a wide range of client needs.

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Leading applications

Flexible PVC substitute

The hydrogenated HYBRAR 7XXX series exhibit excellent miscibility with polypropylene and these blended material shows excellent transparency, flexibility.Unlike flexible PVC, HYBRAR have nice flexibility without any plasticizers. They are used for film, sheets, tubes, etc., as an eco-friendly material.


Heat-resistant resin for LED applications

The LED is drawing great attention for its energy-saving feature. However, materials used in package manufacturing require thermal resistance, due to the need to apply high temperature. Furthermore, the reflector performance requires resistance to discoloration under heat and light. The heat-resistant resin of choice is GENESTAR. Due to the need for heat resistance in manufacturing, it is being used also in consumer products, such as connectors for mobile phone rechargers and notebook PC wirings, etc.

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