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Environmental Materials


In cooperation with Kuraray affiliates Kuraray Chemical and Kuraray Aqua, the Company offers a wide variety of environmental materials through optimized row material selection, manufacturing and processing technologies. The Company contributes to building "cleanliness" in the world through this business. The Company's environmental materials are being used in numerous industries and public services including IT, pharmaceutical products, food and brewing and water filtration. Reusing limited environmental resources through product sales, the Company is also engaging in activities to transform the world into a "recycling society." In the future, the Company plans to engage in the development of living space that is both comfortable and environmentally safe, while pursuing global business expansion, based on its capabilities to develop new technologies vis-à-vis its manufacturer affiliation.

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Leading applications

Industrial wastewater filtration device

Water is essential for all industrial manufacturing processes, including IT, pharmaceutical products and foods. These manufacturing businesses must satisfy the strict wastewater standards in processing effluents. Kuraray Trading offers industrial filter membranes and PVA wastewater treatment gel, used for devices for industrial water/well water sterilization & clarification, advanced treatment of processed water, pre-treatment of reverse osmosis membranes and treatment and recovery of wastewater and waste liquids, contributing to wastewater treatment at business enterprises.

Kuraray SF Filters / Kuraray GS Modules

Air purifier filter

Active charcoal that is able to absorb odors and dirt in the air is being used to actively as filter for air purifiers along with non-woven fabric.

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